Help Us Make A Commercial

Bascom Brothers is making a commercial, specifically a ‘spec ad’. A spec ad is an ad made without any specific commission from a company. Rather, spec ads are used to prove a company’s capabilities. In this case, Bascom Brothers wants to show off our ability to create commercials. This type of project has zero budget so we need your help to make this possible (and we’re not asking for money).

The Idea

Our commercial will be for a fictional insurance company that protects clients from bad omens. It’s called “Omen-Surance”. We’re thinking this will make a great 30-second commercial. The narrative goes like this: entering this fictional world we the see the outside of a quaint suburban home. The viewer is transported inside and we see a guy waking to his alarm. Near his bed sits a calendar with the date circled - Friday the 13th. We see outside the home again but now a crane lowers a piano into view and positions it threateningly above the front door. The man goes about his morning carelessly partaking in various bad omens; he breaks the bathroom mirror, he spills his salt at breakfast, and he walks under a work ladder on his way outside. All the while this happens we cut back to the piano - the cord that holds it groaning and fraying under the weight. Stepping through the front door, we see the man lives at address 666. He bends down to grab the newspaper and a black cat crosses his path. It’s the final straw. The piano hurtles down towards the man, the broken cords waving goodbye to the cargo. The man, still groggy and unaware of the madness, suddenly comes face to face with the ivories. As the upright crashes down upon him, we see he’s unaffected; a force-field saves the day. If it weren’t for “Omen-Surance”, this man wouldn’t be standing so tall. 

Ok, so that’s the idea. Love it? Hate it? Wanna help make it a reality? Here’s how:

How You Can Help

Do you have a house (preferably in the Madison WI area)? We’d love to film there.

Do you own a black cat? We’d love for it to star in this video!

Do you have a fog/haze machine? We’re thinking this element can help make the commercial look extra cinematic.

Are you an actor (male/female) in your upper 20’s to 30’s? We love to potentially work with you. Please send a current photo and resume to

Thanks for helping us make this idea a reality. We’re excited to keep you posted on the progress!


Our New Home

Gone are the days of working in the same room that we sleep in, sunlight trickling through the blinds illuminating swirls of dusk, roommate still asleep even though it's 11AM on a Monday. 11AM for crying out loud! Ok, it's safe to say Bascom Brothers is psyched to have a new space. Our new digs are located in the heart of Madison, WI just blocks from the Capitol building. Our office is part of 100state, a co-working space that is home to many other creative professionals, problem-solvers, and entrepreneurs. It has been a pleasure making friends with the talented, hard-working business owners that now surround us. 

Come on in!

We just started a weekly vlog "Behind Bascom". In this episode we take you on a studio tour.