Peaks & Valleys

Each of us here at Bascom Brothers began our creative pursuits with no intention to make a career out of it. We began creating because we were inspired by the world around us and the stories it holds. We are storytellers first and foremost, that's what sets Bascom Brothers apart. Passion projects such as "Peaks and Valleys" challenge us to distill a message down to it's core and present it in a way that captivates an audience. This is not only a crucial skill for narrative filmmaking but also for advertising and marketing. We create an emotional connection with your audience which in turn leaves a lasting impact.

Finding the story

When we began planning the trip to Thailand, my co-director Ben Foster and I (Eric Schirtzinger) knew we had to use this opportunity to create something great. We wanted to avoid the typical party-montage travel video, but we also didn't want our work to sound overly inspirational or contrived. After we returned from Thailand, it took weeks of reflection to realize that maybe the best story was the real story. We were all just a bunch of college kids - confused, lost, and having a blast in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


The People

With 14 in our own crew and countless others that we met along the way, our eyes were opened to vastly different cultures and walks of life. This prompted us to ask many existential questions. These questions have often surfaced more while traveling abroad rather than at home. It seems that being outside of one's comfort zone puts everything into a new perspective.

Filming On Location

As filmmakers, we get excited even at the prospect of a nice sunset, so when the plans started to come together and it seemed like this trip might actually happen, we were beyond excited for all the photographic possibilities that Thailand was sure to display.

Waking up at sunrise and hiking thousands of steps to a Buddhist temple, all the while being surround by monkeys, was one of the many moments that left a lasting impression. Being able to observe such a gorgeous land with an outsider's perspective was beyond inspiring.




Ben Foster - Director / Photographer

Eric Schirtzinger - Director / Writer

Joe Altwies - Photographer